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26 General Skills to Learn – Mohali Karan Arora

26 Fun and useful skills to learn


1. Speed Reading

How much more work could you accomplish if you were able to complete all of your required reading in one-third of the time? Or even half the time?

Speed reading is basically learning to understand the fundamental principles of the human visual system, allowing you to eliminate inefficiencies in your reading and increase the speed at which you read while also improving your retention.

Even slight improvements in reading time can save a lot of time long term. And many people report massive gains in reading speeds after building the speed reading skill.

​2. Speak a New Language

​You’ve probably heard this before…

​Learning a new language can provide a number of amazing ​results in your life.

You can:​

  • Travel to fun places and actuallyspeak to locals
  • Challenge yourself to learn something fun
  • ​Advance your career opportunities

Now, the challenge with learning language has always been how to find time and what platform to use.  Well, this app can simplify your attempts at learning a language.

​3. Basic Home Repairs

I am no expert at home repairs. But I would argue that most people should be learn the basics of keeping their own home in tip-top shape.

One of the best reasons to learn how to do basic home repairs is that having someone come out to do them for you is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. There are several resources online to help walk you through some basic home repairs, such as: DIY Pete and Home Made Modern.


​4. Learn How to Draw

Drawing is actually a basic skill that we were all born with. While we have to be taught to read and write, people are actually born with the natural ability to draw.

Drawing is essential for human survival because it is a form of communication that everyone can understand, no matter what language you speak. Toddlers begin drawing before they start to read or write and continue to do it throughout life.

Take a drawing course that will have you drawing like a professional in no time at all, and perfect your skill and express your creativity with drawing.

​5. Basic Car Repairs

Car repairs can drain your wallet quickly, but there are a lot of repairs that you can actually do yourself. Even if you don’t have technical skills, you can still do things like change your oil, fix fuel filters, and change alternators. This can help save you time and money.

​6. Home Cleaning and De-cluttering

Have you heard of the Kon Mari Method of DE cluttering? It is currently the hottest and most popular method of home DE cluttering.

The Kon Mari Method was created by Marie Kondo, who owns a business in Tokyo where she teaches her method to help people turn their homes into peaceful and inspiring spaces. It starts with discarding things that you do not need in your home anymore and then organizing what is left. Having a clean home will help you de-stress your life and live in a place that is free from clutter.

The class linked below is actually taught by Marie Kondo herself. Even if you have read her popular book this organization training will show (in video format) many of her cleaning methods that are difficult to follow in the book. (Like her folding method) Add a link to marie kondo book

​And here’s a talk that Marie Kondo did at Google where she talks about her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the many benefits that come when you declutter your life.

​7. Photoshop Mastery

Everyone should know some Photoshop basics. Learning Photoshop is an important tool if you want to work in graphic or web design or even just use it at home for your own pictures. Because it is such a valued skill, it is great to be able to add to a resume as well.

It is also important to learn Photoshop if you work in a hands-on marketing role. For example, if you create flyers, email newsletters, or brochures, knowing Photoshop will help you optimize your creations and retouch your images. Photoshop actually offers some resources to get you started.

But if you want a bit more “hands on” training. The course linked below gives over 30 hours of video training that will make you a Photoshop expert.

​8. Learn to Play the Guitar

Can learning to play the guitar change your well-being?

Research actually shows that the brains of guitar players work slightly differently than those of everyone else. The process and art of learning to play the chords on a guitar and read sheet music can open up new neural pathways and rewire the brain in a positive way that can lead to cognitive benefits.

If guitar playing has always been a dream. Or if you are looking for a skill to build from scratch, check out this guitar training course, made for beginners, but taught by experts. It removes many barriers from learning the guitar. You will find yourself playing recognizable tunes in hours, rather than months.

​9. Photography

A criticism that is often heard today is that people spend too much time taking pictures of their experiences instead of living them. However, the photographs play the important role of allowing people to hold on to memories and show the rest of the world a peek into their lives while also telling a story.

Everyone should learn some photography because it provides several benefits. It is a fun hobby and can help you grow as a person by cultivating creativity.

In the  photography master class linked below, you can learn a complete guide to photography with 15 hours of training. It will teach you everything from understanding how your camera works to what gear you will need. It will also give you tips for selling your photographs.

10. Gardening: How to Grow Anything

Maybe you’ve tried to grow things in your garden before, but your previous results made this seem like it was not a skill you could master.

However, if you learn how to grow your own flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits, you can save a lot of money and have a beautiful yard to look at. Also, eating food straight from your garden is the healthiest way to get the nutrients that your body needs.

Here is a helpful video on growing your own greens to create your own healthy salads. This video will walk you through a garden tour in Southern California. Finally, take a look at this video to learn more about organic gardening.

11. Learn to Cook Like a PRO

While it is certainly one thing to be able to create a four-course meal at the last minute, it is another to be able to at least make a decent pasta dinner, a nice pot of soup, and a winning batch of chocolate chip cookies without the help from a box. Having the skill of cooking well will help you out for your entire life.

First, you will be able to know what is going into your food and therefore what is going into your body. You can control how much fat and salt goes into your dishes to create a healthy diet for yourself and your family. Also, you can impress your friends and family when you have them over for dinner, even if you just make something simple. Lastly, you will save a lot of money eating at home versus eating at a restaurant. You can make enough food at home to have leftovers for lunch the next day and even to freeze meals for a future dinner.

This set of online courses has classes for both people who desire a career in cooking and those who would just like to learn to cook a few excellent dishes. They have courses to become a professional chef. They have classes in any specific cooking skill like Wok-stir fry cooking, and they even have classes based on healthy cooking like plant based cooking.

With detailed training designed for both student chef’s and someone who just wants to learn a few professional meals you can learn to cook like a pro for a fraction of the cost of going to culinary school classes.

12. Learn Piano 

Learning to play a musical instrument, often a piano or guitar, is on many people’s bucket list. The problem with learning these instruments is the perceived high barrier to learning the new skills of playing these instruments.

Many people have tried traditional methods of learning these skills and been turned off by the slow going of plodding through the basics and learning to play “exciting” tunes like “row, row, row your boat.

The Piano for all course is different. It starts you in with the basics & the foundations, but has you learn them by playing exciting modern piano songs. With this method of learning you will love learning and want to show off your skills after only a handful of hours of lessons and practice.

13. Learn Self-Defense Basics

Nothing feels better than being confident that you can take care of yourself, whether it is mentally, financially, or physically. Being able to physically protect yourself in all situations is a reassurance that can only be gained through self-defense classes. While many people automatically think about women and children when they think about self-defense, it is really a skill for everyone.

The key is to find your favorite martial art and learn some basic self-defense skills from a class.

​And if you’d like a quick introduction, here is a video that covers all of the major martial arts techniques.

14. Learn to make your own furniture and decorations.

If you are like me, woodworking seems like a dream. I remember my grandfather making fancy wooden home decorations. I remember my dad building a deck to our home when I was a young boy. But everything I have tried has turned out to be a big mess. I think the woodworking gene skipped a generation with me. It is a skill I don’t seem to have.

This is why I am so intrigued by this woodworking course. It breaks the process down into simple steps and offers many detailed plans. It make major woodworking projects seem so easy that even someone like me with zero woodworking skill might have a chance of success.

15. Mastering Tai Chi

Learning Tai Chi is great for your body and your mind. This practice can help alleviate natural health conditions that come along with aging and encourage people of all ages to relax and let go of nervous tension. The main benefit of Tai Chi is its ability to mitigate the effects of stress.

Learning Tai Chi imparts the six principles of flow and imparts grace and flow to the practitioner.

Find out more about this healthy form of exercise that reduces stress, builds confidence, imparts grace and strength, helps you live longer and helps your mind reach a state of clarity.

16.  Basic Dance Moves (for guys)

Guys, how embarrassing is it to go out to a club and try to impress some ladies and then find yourself completely unconfident and timid on the dance floor?

I have been there.

Trying to do some fancy moves… but only looking like  spastic monkey. Or even worse, sitting on the sidelines, afraid to embarrass myself.

You do  not need to be a master dancer to go out and meet people and have fun. But having a few good moves in your back pocket will go a long way toward helping your confidence. That is why I think basic dance moves can be an important skill to learn.

17. Reading (Everything)

This is one skill I would say is the most important of all the skills on this skill list. When you read, even if it is just fiction, you learn and expand your worldview. You visit places you may never see and learn about skills you might otherwise never take the time to learn.

Get in the habit of reading through things. Articles, blurbs, drafts, books and volumes of material are all worthy of your time.

How good quality the information is is directly proportional to how informative what you read is. Reading comic books for instance, is worthwhile, but not as good as reading a good non-fiction text on a subject you are interested in.

My personal rule. Read 1 nonfiction book for learning for every fiction book I read for fun.

18. Change a Flat Tire

Flat tires are either silly inconveniences or serious issues. The difference between the two is often in the ability to fix them quickly.

Even with improvements in tire technology and “run flat” tires, everyone gets a flat tire from time-to-time. And, of course Murphy’s Law will make sure those flat tires come at the most inconvenient time possible.

Don’t rely on a car service to fix your change your flat tires. It is a very easy process, and keeps you from being reliant on others.

Plus learning the skill of changing your own flat tires may save you a few dollars in expenses.

​Prefer a visual walkthrough?

Here is a quick video that shows the basics of changing a flat tire.

19. Gain the Skill of Humor

You’re trapped on a desert island with two people. One is annoying, and one is funny. Just about everyone would prefer to be stuck with the guy with a good sense of humor,  while leaving the annoying one back at camp.

The ability to be humorous is rooted in the ability to recognize absurdity, chance, circumstance, tonality, language choice and emphasis. These are all powerful skills independently, but together, they form the basis of humor.

When you are able to use humor effectively in writing, speech and socially. You will find yourself a sought after commodity, like the last hamburger stand before you get to a all-vegan community.

20. Jump-start a Dead Battery

Someone on this planet, at this very second, has a dead battery. What’s worse is that they probably don’t even have jumper cables. A dead battery is not as easy to fix as a flat tire because it inherently requires another person. (Unless you have one of the new battery power pack jumper cables.)

But what if the other person only has the battery to offer? Or doesn’t really know how to set up the cables either?

Will you be ready to affix the cables, go through the motions and get your car up and running? Or will you be left at the roadside?

This is another simple skill that every single adult should know.

How to Jump Start a Car – The Complete Guide

​And here’s a quick video tutorial on how to jump start a car.

21. Learn to Start a Fire (anywhere)

When you are in the wilderness one of the most important resources is fire.

You need fire to purify water. You need it for warmth. You need it to scare off wild animals.

Most people think that starting a fire from scratch is a difficult skill to learn. Something to daunt survivalists with years of experience.

22. Surviving A MAJOR crisis

Starting a fire without matches is probably about the limit of my personal “woodsman” skills. (and I am admittedly slow at making fire).

I know I am woefully unprepared for any sort of major worldwide crisis. But like with most things, there is training I can take to get the training I need in case the unthinkable happens.

23. Sewing, Stitching and Patching

Learning to sew, stitch and patch is an excellent skill because it is as diverse as it is useful. While it’s been typically considered feminine, there’s nothing feminine about saving an expensive pair of pants from destruction.

The short course below will teach you the basic skills of sewing, using sewing machines and even a few advanced techniques to set you toward the next level of sewing.

24. Meet and Attract a Perfect Life Partner

Most people want to find love at some point in their lives.

However, it can sometimes seem impossible to find that perfect soulmate. They are out there, but you have to be able to have the confidence and social skills to be attractive to them when you first meet them.

25. Perform the Heimlich maneuver

You’re in the middle of a crowded restaurant and a man is choking on his dinosaur chicken nugget. Not only is he embarrassed to be eating chicken dinosaurs, he might die.

His only hope is that someone knows the Heimlich around him. The technique is simple, and anyone can learn it with a little bit of care and research.

26. Perform CPR

CPR is another skill that every adult should not only learn but have practiced many times.

The time to learn this skill is not when it is your child or father needing CPR, but in your own free time.

In Next Blog we will discuss about some mental skills to make you learn more and Soucremore.


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